My Work

Professional Work

My work on Jurassic World Evolution has mainly involved mission/level design for the Chaos Theory & Campaign modes; both in the base game and Dominion Biosyn Expansion

My work on the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion was primarily on settlement design; including exterior spaces and the interiors of buildings

Game Jams

2D meets 3D. Take control of two characters at once, solving simple puzzles, collecting loot and defeating any enemies you come across

Drift around a watery rock filled enviorment, looking for stranded rafts to attach to your own - made during made during Global Game Jam 2021

A relaxing game where you fly around norse ruins, collecting materials to build your nest. Made during Global Games Jam 2019

Connect the pieces of evidence together to pin the crimes on the suspects; but keep on top of things & try to solve them as fast you can.

Fly around & destroy the terraformers to thaw the world and reveal what is hidden. Each beacon lowers the freezers defences, ready to be destroyed.

A co-operative game made during Jamfuser 2019, where players have to work together to keep machines running to process junk into sellable blocks

University Projects

A 2D space combat game featuring procedural generation, full ship customisation and a contract system.

A 2D pirate themed tower defense with a twist, giving the player control of ammo management rather than tower placement.

A sci-fi twinstick shooter where you play as a security robot deployed to defend the facility from energy-based specimens that have escaped containment

Professional Work

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Role - Graduate Designer/Full Game Designer

Responsibilities -

  • Design, Implementation & maintaining of levels/missions
    • Base game: Chaos Theory
    • Dominion Biosyn expansion: Campaign & Chaos Theory
  • Working from both existing designs & developing my own from the ground up
  • Authoring levels using in game tools
  • Creating, updating & maintaining mission scripts
  • Balancing & Iteration following feedback from senior design team and  both internal & external playtests
  • Balanced the triggers, conditions & rewards of the in-game contracts,
    • Designed, implemented  & balanced new additional contracts for the first big free update

Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Role - Graduate Designer
Responsibilities -

  • Design & Implementation of on-foot settlements; including exterior spaces and building interiors.
  • Navmesh blocking
  • Adding enemy spawn points, objective locations, interactables, resources, patrol routes etc.
  • Consideration of cover, sightlines & traversal.

  • Iteration through feedback from senior design team.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Game Jams

Koko 'n Dillo

In Koko 'n Dillo you control both characters at the same time.

  • Koko picks up loot while Dillo rolls in and defends.
  • Explore arid temples and defend against enemies
  • Collect as much loot along the way

Made during Global Game Jam 2022, with a team of 3 others. I worked primarily on the characters; including their controls, movement and abilities. 

The theme was 'Duality'

Download link:

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

After the Game Jam was done, I decided togo back and add in a few quality of life changes that we didn't have time to add orginally. This included

  • Some extra button prompt decals for tutorialisation; particle effects
  • Improvements to interactable buttons
  • More sound effects and
  • An occlusion shader so the characters aren't completely obscured by obstacles.

Stick it to 'em

Stick it to 'em: Crimes are pouring in; stay organised solve the crimes in time or your off the case!

  • Grab evidence from the boxes
  • Arrange them on your crime board
  • Connect the dots to link the crimes to the prime suspects.

Made during the 2021 Epic Mega Jam with a team of 2 others. I was resonsible for controls & interaction, the 'string connection system & the tutorial.

The theme was 'Running out of space'


Download link:

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Fun fact: All the objects on the board in the main menu can be interacted with, letting you demo picking up, placement & connecting them before jumping into the game.


Adrift: Lost at sea!

  • Sail your raft around
  • Rescue other rafts & connect them to your own
  • Make sure to grab enough resource rafts to provide to keep things balance

Made during Global Game Jam 2021, with a team of 2 others. I worked mainly on the boat movement, plus materials & other minor systems/mechanics

The theme was 'Lost and Found'


Download link:


Engine: Unreal Engine 4


In Soar your goal is to discover a world frozen in ice.

  • Destroy the terraformers to thaw the world
  • Each beacon lowers the freezers defences
  • Customise your ship colours to suit you

Best played with gamepad. Soar is a spaceship exploration game with light combat. The more terraformers you destroy, the more the world comes back to life.

Made during the 2020 Unreal Spring Jam, with a team of 4 others. I was primarily responsible for the plane controls & its flight. I also worked on the ship customisation, UI & particle effects.

The theme was 'What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw.


Download link:


Engine: Unreal Engine 4


Feather away from home

Feather Away From Home

  • Explore a vertical slice of an open world
  • Collect resources to build a nest
  • Glide through the Norse ruins at a steady pace
  • Or challenge yourself to one of the four tricky trials that will test your flying ability.

Made during Global Games Jam 2019, along with a team of 7 others. I was responsible for the flying mechanics and pickups. I also had a go at implmenting animations and state machines for the first time.


The theme was 'What home means to you'


Download link:


Engine: Unreal Engine 4


We also entered the game into SideFX's 'Made with Houdini' contest which they were running alongside Global Games Jam, and it came in 1st Place - the full details of which can be found here

Our technical artist used Houdini to generate the terrain; create a rigid body simulation of a rockslide, and generate a mesh to spawn particles on for the volumetric clouds.

Some of the comments from the judges were “Beautiful game, well done!” and “Great flying mechanic!”

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The goal of the game is to grab junk that is travelling along the conveyor and take them to the machines to be processed. At the same time you must keep the machines turned on by inputting a combination of directional inputs, specific to that machine.

  • Start simple with just one type of junk
    • Over time, up to 3 new junk types start to appear on the conveyor, so more machines to manage
  • Take the processed blocks to the loading bays to be shipped off.
    • The more items you ship off, the more time gets added to the clock
    • Trucks are constantly driving off and being replaced with new ones, asking for a new resource
  • Play with up to 3 friends locally, to co-ordinate and delegate your actions.

In Overjunked, One man's junk is another man's treasure!

  • Work against the clock
  • Don't let the junk build up
  • Delegate and cooperate in this frantic recycling plant
  • Master the machines and process your orders as fast as possible.
  • Efficiency is key when the work becomes troublesome.

Made during Jamfuser 2019, with a team of 5 others. The theme was 'Junk'. I was one of 2 techincal designers and worked on the character movement & animation; input combos and processing machines. I also did some of the simple machine animations and 2d art.

View it on

Engine: Unreal Engine 4


University Projects


Stellar is 2D arcade space combat game that has you flying around procedurally generated sectors of space, fighting enemy ships & completing simple contracts; earning money to upgrade & customise your ship

This was for my Final Year project at university. The main focuses of the project were procedural generation, ship customisation, the contract system and the menu system

The project came 2nd place in the Games Technical Design category of GradEx 2019 at Staffordshire University.


The sprites I've used are made up of art by Kenney, with some modifications and adjustments. 


Engine: Unreal Engine 4

The last addition I made to the project, was to add a capital ship enemy. It's a much larger ship that features 2 turrets - a homing missile launcher and flak-cannon-eqsue weapon. These both attack the player when in range, but can be targeted and destroyed. 

To destroy the entire ship, the 4 engines must be destroyed, causing a chain reaction of explosions. 

Other than that, the main additions were to add ship speed upgrades; a bounty contract for the capital ships and a couple changes to make identifying and locating bounty targets easier (arrow HUD element and different color for the enemy indiicator on the minimap

Protocol D101

Protocol D101 is a sci-fi twin stick shooter set in a scientific facility researching enrgy-based aliens; which have escaped. You control a security robot deployed to contain the outbreak by eliminating the escaped aliens.

Light and contrast is used a lot to direct the player's attention and guide the player around the level.

The player must surivive for as long as possible, and has a variety of weapons at their disposal including weapons grenades and powerups.

Produced for my final collbaorative project at University, with a team of ~20. 

During the project I worked as both a technical designer and project lead. 

For the first month or so of the main development period, I devoted most of my time to the production aspects of development, including setting up and maintaining our source control solution; setting up sprints and tasks on Jira and troubleshooting source control issues.

In the final few weeks, once a lot of the teething problems with source control had been resolved, I spent my time on some of the particles effects and the tutorial.

From left to right, these were the particles effect I worked on: Enemy spit attack; grenade trail; pistol muzzle flash and bullet tracer; railgun muzzle flash and beam; rifle muzzle flash and bullet tracer and floating damage number.

Armada Assault

Armada Assault is a 2D tower defense game where enemies approach in 3 lanes, and focus is on ammo management & tower upgrades, rather than tower placement.

Made for one my modules in my final year of university

The artwork used is from a few of the asset packs by Kenney, with some modifications.


Engine: Unreal Engine 4